Part of the Finance and the Common Good program is a two-year track for young professionals that work in and around the financial sector. Participants have been personally invited to the track. There are currently 75 participants, from (a.o.) ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, Volksbank, Triodos, the Dutch National Bank (DNB), the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), the Dutch Ministries of Finance and Economic Affairs, and different universities and civil society organisations. The participants meet at least four times per year for an afternoon of lectures and dialogue on the future of the (financial) economy in Europe. Selected participants are active in the program’s working tables and/or in the (international) conferences.

The quarterly meetings in this track are held at one of our partner organizations: De Nieuwe Poort in Amsterdam or the Academiegebouw in Utrecht.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona-virus, the track for Young Professionals will be moved to an online platform. Participants will be informed on the course of the program via e-mail. Lectures that have been recorded will be published on this page.

Participants can log in here to access all documents for the (previous) meetings: