In this three-year program (2019-2021), Socires and the Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL) explore the feasibility of an alternative arrangement for the financial sector; a financial sector that fruitfully interacts with state and society, together setting goals for finance in service of’ the common good. Why is this necessary? In the past few decades, the ‘logic of finance’ has increasingly nestled itself in all domains of modern societies, crowding out other motives and relational modes for interaction; a phenomenon aptly referred to as ‘financialisation’. Now, with the 2008 financial crisis still on our retina, and other crises – ecological, social and (geo-)political – unfolding before our eyes, research into alternative ways of economic and financial organization is long overdue. We believe that the countries of the former ‘Rhineland’ – Benelux, Germany and France – still stand in a societal tradition that could be the breeding ground for a fruitful new arrangement between finance, state and society, one in which transactions are embedded in relations. As there is no possibility to dictate this kind of change to any one of the actors involved, we aim to generate such commitment by engaging in high-level dialogue with the relevant stakeholders from the Rhinelandic area. This program has four pillars – 1) Organizing for finance for the common good, 2) Young Professionals program, 3) International conferences and 4) Working tables – in which different activities are developed, involving both experienced decision makers as well as promising young professionals. All relevant stakeholders for ‘finance for the common good’ will be engaged, and best efforts will be made to inform the public by different media outlets. The staff of both Socires and the Sustainable Finance Lab will execute the program, and will do so under the joint banister of Finance and the Common Good.

For a further elaboration on the program, download our white paper here.
To learn more about the Young Professionals program or the Working Tables, you can visit the separate pages on this website.