Friedman’s shareholder doctrine is dead

In the on-going discussion on the purpose of the corporation, Jaap Winter (chairman of the advisory council of the Finance and the Common Good program) has […]

Discussions on corporate purpose continue

“The duty of directors and supervisors to operate their business as a “responsible corporation” should be legally enforced.” With this statement, 25 Dutch Professors of Law […]

Recordings online seminars 29 June 2020

As part of the Finance and the Common Good program three online seminars were broadcasted from Pakhuis de Zwijger on 29 June 2020. All three seminars […]

Boekpresentatie ‘Een land van kleine buffers’ [Dutch]

Op vrijdag 11 september (18:30) presenteer prof. Dirk Bezemer zijn nieuwe boek ‘Een land van kleine buffers’. Onder leiding van Jeroen Smit gaat Bezemer deze avond […]

Maak van de HEMA een coöperatie [Dutch]

Professor Govert Buijs, member of the Finance and the Common Good Advisory Council, has written an op-ed in Dutch newspaper NRC, together with Marcel Canoy and […]

Introducing Prof. Jean Pisani-Ferry

Keynote speaker Conference Finance and the Common Good, 29 June 2020 Jean Pisani-Ferry is a leading French economist, with a highly developed sense for policy, politics […]

Schakel naar een andere economie

In this article Gover Buijs, professor Economy & Society at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, argues to solve six big pre-corona problems within the economy during the […]

8 recommendations for a sustainable recovery after the corona virus

On June 3 F&CG board member Arnoud Boot presented 8 recommendations for a sustainable recovery after the corona virus. Amongst those ‘Invest in the involvement , […]

Webinar: Tijd voor een nieuw sociaal contract?